Energy Technology Programs

Partly due to the challenges associated with importing and transporting fossil fuels, more Alaskans and their communities are looking to resources like hydropower, wind, solar, biomass, heat recovery, energy storage, and other technologies to generate electricity and heat. Alaskans are also saving heat and electricity through energy efficiency and conservation measures, keeping dollars in their local economy and reducing the cost of energy. The Alaska Energy Authority works with hundreds of communities across the state assisting in the development of various energy technology projects and energy efficiency upgrades. We bring stakeholders to the table to capitalize on information sharing, project development, and technical assistance. Alaska Energy Authority helps communities every step of the way starting at the early stages of project conception and pre-feasibility continuing on past project completion. A successful project is one that reduces the cost of energy and the community continues to operate and maintain the system throughout its useful life. AEA is committed to helping communities achieve this success.