Renewable Energy Fund

Renewable Energy Fund Application Round 13 is now closed. Successful applicants will be announced soon.

 The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) is seeking applications for eligible renewable energy projects through the Renewable Energy Fund (REF). The Round 13 application period opens July 20, 2020 and closes September 28, 2020. AEA will evaluate all applications received and will consult with the Renewable Energy Fund Advisory Committee (REFAC) to make final recommendations to the Alaska State Legislature for Fiscal Year 2022 funding. All funding decisions, including if there will be any funding available, will be made by the legislature. To apply, click here.

About the Renewable Energy Fund

The Alaska Renewable Energy Fund (REF) provides benefits to Alaskans by reducing and stabilizing the cost of energy through development of renewable energy projects. The program is designed to produce cost-effective renewable energy for heat and power to benefit Alaskans statewide. The program creates jobs, uses local energy resources, and keeps money in local economies.

The REF was established by the Alaska State Legislature in 2008, and in 2012 was extended 10 years to 2022. The REF is managed by AEA in coordination with a nine-member Renewable Energy Fund Advisory Committee. The program provides grant funding for the development of qualifying and competitively selected renewable energy projects. Since inception 287 REF grants have been awarded to projects totaling $268 million. Over 90 operating projects have been built with REF contributions, collectively saving more than 30 million gallons of diesel each year.

As of January 2018, operational REF projects have an overall benefits cost ratio of 2.5 based on total known project cost, of which state funding is only a portion. Investing in renewable energy provides price stability and will save Alaska communities millions of dollars for decades to come.

Renewable Energy Fund Projects Round 1-12

Renewable Energy Fund Projects by Energy Region

Renewable Energy Fund Statutes and Regulations

Statutes are available here.
Regulations are available here.
For an up-to-date snapshot of AEA’s REF program activities, please see our downloadable Factsheet.

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